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Last updated: August 2020

Sheridan Hills Baptist Church leadership has decided to begin regathering for worship on Sunday mornings in the newly renovated Worship Center.

Sheridan Hills Updates & information

Sunday Worship Service Times

Sunday, August 23rd - Worship Time: 9:00AM

Beginning Sunday, August 30th - Growth Groups will meet at 9:00AM, and Worship Service Time will be 10:30AM.

Wednesday Night Services

Will begin on September 16th at 6:45PM

Worship Service Guidelines

  • Screening and Check-in are required when entering the Worship Center. 

  • Please keep at least a six-foot spacing between parties by sitting in designated rows and spaces. 

  • Please wear a mask at all times.

  • Please remain contact-free when saying hello.

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing

  • The Worship Center will be fogged with a clean zone solution on a weekly basis before the next service. 

  • We will wipe down the top of the pews and handrails before each service. 

  • Hand-sanitizing units have been placed at all entrances and check-in stations. 

  • All bathrooms will be fogged with a clean zone solution and cleaned daily.


Should we reach (reduced) capacity in the worship center, the Ministry Center is available as overflow.

Stay Connected

Subscribe to the SHBC YouTube Channel, download the Sheridan Hills App, refer to the website, and look for special text and emails from Pastor Andrew and the church staff. 



Please remember your financial giving even though we are not meeting as much. For those of you who have the ability to give more than usual right now, that would be a great help to keeping the church strong.  Obviously this is going to be a difficult time for many people.  Marcie and I are going to trust the Lord and give more than we already do – the Lord will honor this faith (Malachi 3:10). CLICK HERE TO GIVE ELECTRONICALLY

Call the office (954) 961-4250 or send a message to if you need prayer or assistance. 

The church office hours are Tuesday - Friday from 9:00AM - 5:00PM. If you are sick, please let our pastors know.  We want to be able to pray for you.

Most importantly, we encourage you as Christ-followers to let the glory, hope, and joy of Christ shine through us into the fear and darkness around us.  This is a prime opportunity to talk to people about our sure hope in Christ and His promise of eternal life for all who have come to trust in Him.

Read and meditate on Paul's letter to the PHILIPPIANS -- it is the perfect encouragement for these circumstances.  And remember, watching lots of TV will stoke your fear and rot your brain.  Don't do it!

Our worship together, even though we are not able to meet in person, is a hugely important priority. So print the notes, get your family together, ask God to speak to you...  and then join us online.  We go live at 9AM. 

Our church has many covenant members who are doctors, nurses, hospital staff and care givers at various facilities.  As COVID heats up again, they need God's protection, wisdom and strength.  Also ask God to bring people to himself through this ongoing time of crisis and loss.  

Our church also has several covenant members who faithfully serve our community as police officers.  These are brothers and sisters who really love God and love people.  Please be in prayer that they have God's wisdom, grace and protection during this time of upheaval.  Romans 13:1-7 reminds us that these servants are actually ministers of God grace in our society.  We need to pray for them. 

COVID-19 Updates & information

Everyone should take radical measures to mitigate the virus transmission

--  Watch THIS VIDEO for very clear & concise info on the virus.

--  Seniors and health compromised should isolate and wash very often

--  younger and healthy people should be very conscious of risk to others

--  spending time in sunlight is good for both prevention AND cure

-- though there is an extreme amount of misinformation and speculation concerning the virus, we believe it is prudent to observe the basic recommended


Precautions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). See their recommendations HERE

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