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Discipleship Hour


Sunday Seminars

Growth Groups

Study the Bible
Biblical Teachings

Growth Groups explore the truths of Scripture.  These groups meet every Sunday morning at 9:00AM in various places on campus.  All are welcome to attend! 

Seeking Biblical Teaching couldn't get any easier. Register for seminars at the links below:

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Growth Groups


Growth Groups

God in his grace has given us other Christians to expand our knowledge of the Bible.  Made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet on Sundays for fellowship and in-depth Bible studies.  Each group carries with it the mission of building up brothers and sisters in Christ.  No group is the same and each group focuses on a particular book of the Bible. Growth Groups in no way replace the main gathering of Christians, but are a supplement to the experience of corporate worship.  

If you'd like more information about these groups, please contact us

Time and Locations

Sunday | 9:00AM

Ministry Center 3rd Floor


Chapel Wing

Worship Center 2nd Floor

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Sunday Seminars


Sunday Seminars

Sunday Seminars are 6-, 9-, 12-, or 24-week classes offered every Sunday morning at 9:00AM. While biblical fellowship and community are important hallmarks of Sheridan Hills, these classes aim to dig deeper into biblical studies. These seminars provide a pathway for discipleship and for equipping saints for the work of local church ministry and global missions. The seminars are offered through three main tracks: GROW, KNOW, and GO. The GROW track provides a baseline knowledge of the Bible, the Trinitarian God, Jesus Christ, Spiritual Disciplines, and participation in the local church. Our most important seminar in this track is Starting Point, which serves as our church membership class. The KNOW track covers Old and New Testament Survey, Church History, and other theological seminars. Finally, the GO track is a practical elective track that equips members for service in important areas of ministry like biblical counseling, missions and evangelism, and teaching. Other electives to be offered are marriage, parenting, dealing biblically with difficult people, and worldview/culture. Certain classes are only provided once a year, while others are cyclical.  You can register by clicking here

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