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November 18, 2021 -- The Briefing Part 1Al Mohler
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Dear SHBC Family,


This afternoon I feel led to make you aware of important movement in the cultural battle that is going on around us.  The Biden administration is mandating forced 

acceptance of the LGBTQ+ agenda upon Christian educational institutions.  These legal cases have potential to destroy our religious liberty as Bible-believing, Bible-practicing followers of Christ.   


Please listen to this audio clip of THE BRIEFING by Dr. Al Mohler from yesterday morning by CLICKING HERE or playing the audio above. 

These are grave issues.  You need to be aware of what is being pushed by this administration.   This is a MORAL/BIBLICAL issue not merely a political one. 


Christians need to be aware of what is happening and not be swept along with the tsunami of secular culture.   While our liberties may be threatened we need to remember that our faith and Christ’s command to share the Gospel is NOT!

We stand in faith; we do not tremble in fear. 

We stay with Christ; we do not run with the world. 

We share Christ with the lost; we do not ignore them in silence. 

We pray with joy for we know the end of the story!


Stay vigilant.  Watch yourself.  Guard your heart. Share Christ boldly. 


Pastor Andrew


PS – 

You can listen to Dr. Al Mohler’s daily program  THE BRIEFING.  It is very helpful for interpreting daily events from a biblical worldview. 

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