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Sheridan Hills Baptist Church is dedicated to winning people to Christ, discipling true Christians, and caring for the body of Christ (His Church).  These core values help our church demonstrate the love of Christ to others both locally and globally.  At Sheridan Hills, there are many opportunities for members to demonstrate the love of Christ.   

Serving One Another

There are as many needs as there are people at Sheridan Hills.  The New Testament lays out a vision for Christians to join together in serving and caring for one another from the youngest to the oldest.  If you feel gifted to serve in a particular ministry, please browse the opportunities we have available.  

If you are not a covenant church member, we encourage you to serve the body of Christ best by joining the Starting Point class and pursuing covenant church membership

Serving the Community

Sheridan Hills supports ministries that promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the oppressed, marginalized, and down-trodden.  After all, Jesus invites these types of people to partake of His grace in transformative ways.  To that end, we have sought to support the ministry of Hope Women's Centers, Sheridan House, and Community Christian Counseling.  You can find additional information about these ministries and ways you can serve by visiting their sites in the links above.  

Serving the World on Mission

The Great Commission was the final order that Jesus gave to his disciples, stating that he had received all authority, and that now, Christians everywhere should be devoted to making disciples by teaching and baptizing all who profess Christ.  To fulfill this command, we partner with The International Mission Board, which has been dedicated to the Great Commission for more than a century.  Today, it carries out this command by actively participating in short-term and long-term mission trips, pursuing the salvation of the unreached, unengaged people groups of the world, and training Christians for cross-cultural ministry around the world. To learn more visit the International Mission Board website.

Ways to be involved

In response to God's call on the local church to be engaged in mission, we encourage our covenant church members to be involved in three key ways:

  • Pray for the unreached, unengaged people groups of the world.

  • Give to short-term mission trips.

  • Go to the nations and unreached, unengaged people groups.


God may be calling you to pray, or to give financially to the work of the Gospel worldwide, or to go on a short-term mission.  To find out more information about short-term mission trips, visit the links listed under the mission heading above.  


Resources for Community

Resources for Mission


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