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Starting Point




Get to know Sheridan Hills

The best way to get to know Sheridan Hills Baptist Church better is to attend Starting Point, which is the next step for our regular attenders, guests, and potential members.  At SHBC, we know that building an authentic community requires commitment and love, which is why the New Testament envisions no other model for building relationships than Christians sharing life together.  

Class Content

Starting Point is a small group, informal setting where you can meet church members and leaders, and where you will learn about:

  • God's Plan of Salvation

  • SHBC's history

  • Baptism

  • Beliefs and Values

  • Meaningful Church Membership

  • iServe

  • Community Groups

The classes are taught by one of the elders.  Notes will be provided.  


You're Invited!

Starting Point is offered during the Growth Group hour Sunday mornings (8:30AM-10:00AM).  

August 11, 2024 

Click Here to Register!

If you'd like to register for Starting Point, please contact us or fill out a registration form here.

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