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Starting Point 2016 is a time where we discover together God's plan for community and church life. We want to start this journey with you and your family. Join us on Sunday at 10:45am as we experience community together as God intended it to be.

We want to hear your Starting point testimony. 

We want to hear your Starting point testimony. 

Session 1

Session 1 we hear the difference between Cultural Christianity and Bibilical Christianity. 


Session 2

Session 2 we hear the teaching about the following:


Our Identification with Christ

Our Involvement with Christ

Our Christ-like Practice

Our Christ-Centered Fellowship

Our Future Beyond Here


Session 3

Session 3 we hear about the History of Sheridan Hills and how it has impacted our community. We also see that the Church is so much more than a building!

Session 4

Session 4 we hear the teaching about "6 Good Reasons to Put Down Roots in a Church".

Session 4.2

Session 4 part 2 we see the importance of Stewardship. It's really not a money issue but rather a heart issue of obeying God in every aspect of our lives. 

Session 5

Session 5 we hear the church (the BODY of CHRIST) is the visible representation of Jesus to a lost world. We also see how we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We want to hear how Starting Point has impacted you! 

Session 6

Session 6 we see the importance of signing a church covenant and becoming a member of Body of Christ. We all play a role, whether you are an eye or an elbow you are part of the church family and we need you. 

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