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Healthy Church (Msg 6) -- Worth-Driven Worship | 6/12/22
Sheridan Hills Baptist Church

Healthy Church (Msg 6) -- Worth-Driven Worship | 6/12/22

In this topical sermon based on Psalm 95: 1-11, Pastor William Lawler teaches that a healthy church will pursue worship of God that is driven by HIS worth, not by our own. This sermon emphasizes the biblical foundation for true worship and key points in Psalm 95 that emphasize what true worship of the Lord is, as well as the reality of misplaced worship and what the ultimate consequences are of failing to truly worship the Lord. ________________________________________ Links to Sermon Notes & Answers: ➤Sermon Notes (Blank): ➤Sermon Notes (Answers): ________________________________________ In this video: 0:00 Review of previous sermons in the Healthy Church series 11:04 Reading of Psalm 95:1-11 13:01 Acceptable Worship Exalts God's Worth 40:47 Misplaced Worship Exalts My Wants 53:40 Three Practical Applications ________________________________________ Subscribe to this channel to catch weekly expositional sermons from the Bible. ________________________________________ Explore more sermons and information: ________________________________________ Follow us: ➤Facebook: ➤Twitter: ➤Instagram:
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